Trend Shows Denver Market is Increasingly Supportive of Marijuana Usage

Trend Shows Denver Market is Increasingly Supportive of Marijuana Usage

HOUSTON, TX – Approval of legalized cannabis use edged up in Denver over the past 6 months according to Consumer Research Around Cannabis. Among the 3.2 million adults living in the Denver Greater Metropolitan Area, the study shows that 58% of all area adults now approve of marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes, an increase of over 37,000 people. Additionally, approval of medicinal (but not recreational) cannabis use jumped up 21% from just under 500,000 local adults this past winter, to over 600,000 this summer.

Interestingly, the number of people without an opinion regarding the issue dropped considerably, from nearly half a million to under 400,000 people. This suggests that many previously undecided adults have firmed up their views regarding legalized cannabis usage in Colorado. While overall support climbed among the majority, those opposed to any marijuana usage also increased slightly.

The study also uncovered that “Nearly 80% of the nearly 1.9 million adults in the Denver region who approve of both legal recreational and medicinal use, have personally tried marijuana recreationally themselves,” notes Jeff Stein, Vice President of Consumer Research Around Cannabis. “Nearly half have used it in the past year, and over a third, or nearly 700,000 adults, are currently consuming cannabis recreationally” continued Stein.

“Perhaps surprising to some would be that nearly one in ten of those 1.5 million people who have tried marijuana in the past, now disapprove of it for recreational purposes,” observed Stein. “Those that now disapprove tend to be affluent, male, baby boomers, who like country music, hockey, they are on a diet, and go to church regularly.”

The online study conducted in late July/early August found that adults who regularly attend religious services are split fairly evenly in their opinions regarding recreational and medicinal cannabis legalization. About a third of this group approved of recreational and medicinal use, a third approve of medical use only, and about a quarter disapproved of both recreational and medicinal use. 10% had no opinion.

Consumer Research Around Cannabis is a research company that specializes in helping organizations better understand the consumer side of the emerging cannabis market. Its comprehensive syndicated studies are based on large samples conducted semi-annually in more than 45 large markets and annually in 40 smaller markets. This fall the company is expanding into the Toronto area, Canada’s largest market and is adding state-wide surveys. The company conducts more than 100,000 online surveys per year. Consumer Research Around Cannabis is unique because its large samples and regular surveys that allow subscribers to reliably track trends across an extensive data base. In addition, the company offers proprietary research services for clients who need deeper, customized insights.

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