National Research Firm Mainstreams Marijuana Consumer Research

National Research Firm Mainstreams Marijuana Consumer Research

APRIL 10, 2017


National Research Firm Mainstreams Marijuana Consumer Research; Examines Cannabis Consumer Demographics, Lifestyles, Attitudes, and other Traditional Consumer Categories for Broader Marketing Purposes

HOUSTON, TX – Consumer Research Around Cannabis is pioneering and launching a research service available to marketers and other businesses, announced Phillip Beswick, CEO of International Demographics. The company is the only national research firm delivering local market consumer data on marijuana, information that has previously been unavailable in the U.S. “Our mission is to deliver market research that merges cannabis usage data, as well as perceptions and attitudes regarding marijuana, with hundreds of local consumer-level demographics, lifestyle information, shopping trends, media habits, and various plan-to-purchase targets,” says Vice President, Jeff Stein.

“For decades, the marijuana market has been illegal and underground,” continued Mr. Stein. “Consequently, very little actual consumer research has been done in this area. Any understanding of the marijuana marketplace has been inconsistent and spotty. Until now, it’s been a guessing game.  Consumer Research Around Cannabis fills this void with in-depth studies in over 85 US markets, as well as the Greater Toronto Area in Canada later this year.”

Past market intelligence regarding cannabis and marijuana has been mostly restricted to basic point-of-sale data from licensed dispensaries, such as expenditures and identification of popular products. That information has also been limited to states where medicinal and recreational cannabis has been legalized. Previously, market research companies have mostly ignored this increasingly substantial consumer segment. However, Consumer Research Around Cannabis now connects the dots between marijuana buyers and the broader consumer economy. Stakeholders in the burgeoning marijuana industry now have the ability to examine how the spending habits of cannabis customers align with more traditional categories, such as healthcare, retail spending, brand preferences, favorite websites, education, political affiliations, income levels, and more. Furthermore, the data is available on consumers living in any of the top 85 U.S. markets, offering investors, cultivators, dispensary owners, legislators, advocacy groups and other companies the ability to understand attitudes and demographics regardless of whether or not state laws prohibit the use of cannabis products. These businesses are now better equipped to understand the intents of potential customers, and the values of the market as a whole, allowing companies to drive growth when and where it is appropriate.


Consumer Research Around Cannabis is a growing company that has already released survey data in over twenty of its 85+ plus US markets with plans to expand in to the Greater Toronto Area in Canada in the Fall of 2017. The online surveys, based on large, reliable samples, are conducted semi-annually in the 48 largest markets and annually in all remaining markets. Consumer Research Around Cannabis is a marketing research firm based in Houston, Texas, USA.

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