Frequently Asked Questions
What services do you offer?

Local syndicated and custom market-based research which takes attitudes, perceptions, and usage of cannabis/marijuana products, and aligns them with hundreds of consumer demographics, lifestyles, and plan-to-purchase categories.

Can you customize Geographies – for example entire States?

Yes, markets can be combined.

  • Examples: Markets within a single state or multiple states
    • Markets where marijuana is legal for medicinal use

Coming Soon: Data for nearly all states regardless of marijuana’s legal status.

What are the benefits of Consumer Research Around Cannabis?

Current cannabis market intelligence companies provide local dispensary-level product spending, as well as market estimates for cannabis spending.  Consumer Research Around Cannabis provides:

  • Local consumer spending information on various products
  • Reasons for purchases

This affords a more comprehensive understanding of products.

How do you conduct your research?

Consumer Research Around Cannabis uses online panels that come from a blend of 8+ opt-in panels and web intercepts.  Large samples facilitate drilling down to specific targets while semi-annual surveys in the 48 largest markets means subscribers get the most comprehensive insights for making decisions.

How do you price your services?

Pricing is based on the number of markets requested, the number of releases per market, and data licensing terms. Contracts include training and support, unlimited use of our toll-free helpline, and an easy-to-use software package that delivers the research in a multitude of ways.

How long is the length of commitment?

Contracts vary from one to five years.

What are the payment terms?

Contracts bill in monthly installments and are payable by credit card or by invoicing.  Full annual payments are also accepted.

How may we contact you?

Main Phone: 281-845-6000    Jeff Stein/VP of Sales: 407-461-0203 or via our contact form