The research is LOCAL market data. It is not aggregated, summarized, or modeled from a larger national database.

Benefit: Every market is different. The local survey approach gives a much clearer view of each unique market.

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Large Samples

Large samples vary between 600+ surveys in the smallest markets, to 4,000+ surveys in the largest markets such as New York and Los Angeles. Respondent levels are dictated by using quota-based sampling utilizing each market’s age 18+ population, ethnicity, gender, and county of residence.

Benefit: Superior sampling methods drive data accuracy and stability.


In addition to over 200+ cannabis questions, we populate the data with over 400+ demographic, lifestyle, income, education, and plan-to-purchase fields. You no longer have to depend solely on dispensary-only spending data.

Benefit: Businesses can see the entire adult 18+ market across all data fields. Specific questions and ancillary targets are available for better decision making.


In larger markets, we sample twice a year which allows for frequency and trending of the data.

Benefit: Attitudes, product usage, purchase habits, and laws about marijuana are changing quickly. Decision makers need updated research to stay in-tune with this ever-shifting marketplace.



Legalization of marijuana is still a politically complicated issue based on conflicting federal and state laws. Questionnaires are designed to be objective and to subtly prove to the respondent that Consumer Research Around Cannabis is a valid consumer research company.

Benefit: This unique, built-in, non-bias research design makes the research more credible for businesses that desire to make sound decisions.